2018 MN Level 6,7 & Xcel State Leotard

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2019 & 2020 Western Bid & Intent to Bid

2019 AND 2020 Eastern and Western Bid Brief Information is available on the USA Gymnastics Web Site at https://usagym.org/pages/home/pages/forms.html?prog=w#womens under bid forms.

The JO Event bid process has two steps:

  1. Complete the attached Intent to Bid Form, scan and return to Annie Heffernon AND Jordan Dillon ­ aheffernon@usagym.org and jdillon@usagym.org.  This form is due Friday, March 9, 2018.
  2. Upon receipt of the Intent to Bid Form, we will send the Bid Book which outlines the requirements in detail.  Final bids are due April 13, 2018.  Send final bids electronically to Annie Heffernon and Jordan Dillon ­ aheffernon@usagym.org and jdillon@usagym.org.  Fax final bids to USA Gymnastics, Attn: Annie Heffernon at 317-237-5069.  Mail final bids to USA Gymnastics, Attn: Annie Heffernon, 130 E. Washington Street, Suite 700, Indianapolis, IN.  46204.

Please post the bid information on your state and Regional web sites or e-mail to any members you may know have an interest in submitting a bid for a JO National Event for 2019 or 2020.

If you have questions, please let me know.

Thank you,


Board Meeting Minutes

Most Recent Meeting Minutes: Click Here.

Women's Program Committee Minutes

All of the minutes have been approved by the Executive Office and are posted on the web site at: Click Here.

Clubs Care

USA Gymnastics has created the Clubs Care Campaign. The Clubs Care Campaign was created to help individuals be more aware of the issue of child sexual abuse, and then suggest ways one can turn that awareness into action. Awareness+Action=Prevention
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New Xcel Code of Points

The New Xcel program Code of Points is now available for purchase! Click here to visit the Technical Store website and order your copy today!

Links for Nationals

The JO Championship Age divisions are now posted in the following places:
JO Nationals
Level 9 Eastern Championships
Level 9 Western Championships

Stronger Together

Dear members,
A lot has happened in the last few weeks in our world of gymnastics. Nassar is currently in his third trial with more and more victims coming forward every day to tell their stories. Many of us are watching and wondering what it is we can do to support these women and men who have been so brave. Because of this, we have created a movement to support all of the victims as well as the current members of USAG. The intent is to unify all of us who are left in the rubble and stand together as we, “say we will not tolerate this!”
We know that our MN members are compassionate and willing lend a hand to those who need support. We also know that there are a lot of questions weighing on your hearts and minds on how to tackle this beast of a subject in your own gyms and with your own athletes.
Here’s what we are asking you to do:
1. Read the following attachments.
2. Decide if you are ready to join the movement.
3. Not quite ready? That’s ok! Some people just need more time. We will wait for you! In the mean time, make sure your policies are up to date regarding child safety.
4. Ready?! Join us!! Follow along on social media, create your own marketing materials with the attached logo designs. Talk to your parents and athletes.
The soft roll out of the social media accounts and logo have already started. We intend to have this out fully well before State and Regional competitions.
Stronger Together

Stronger Together Letter

Supplemental Information

Logo 1

Logo 2

Logo 3